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Italia film profile

Italia Film has distributed, over the last 4 decades, the biggest Independent movies ever: Platoon, The Mission, Never Say Never Again, First Blood, Rambo, Terminator, Endless Love, 9 & ½ weeks, Robocop, Resident Evil, The Killing Fields, Escape to Victory, Breathless, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Woman In Red, A Chorus Line, Once Upon a Time in America, etc…

To more recent Independent Blockbusters such as: Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Chicago, Transporter 3, Valkyrie, Lost in Translation,Resident Evil 3, Amelie Poulain, La Mome/La Vie en Rose, Sin City, Hero, Finding Neverland, Downfall, The Constant Gardner, BrokeBack Mountain, House of Flying Daggers, Taken, etc…

Our quarterly system of reports of income and expenditures has received the praise of all-independent producers and distributors.

To our independent film producers and distributors we report, when a film is released: the daily, weekend, total week and Total Box Office in number of admissions and amounts, whether the release of the film is in Beirut (Lebanon), Cairo (Egypt) or Dubai, Abu Dhabi (U.A.E). We treat independent producers or distributors on the same level as a major company. An A&P budget proposal is submitted for approval as well as notification of film releases is sent, etc.. we are enclosing specimens of our reports.

We have even DVD distribution and we locally produce the DVD'S with Arabic, French and English subtitling under our brand "Vinco Video".
Our accounting system is computerized, and is considered by all companies as the best, since our reports on the performance of the films we distribute are very clear, transparent and easy to control.